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Coaching for Teachers in Transition
or Wanting a Career Transformation

Green Board

 based on your strengths, values, and what you want most for your life.


Hey, Teacher!

You've fallen out of love with teaching.

(it's ok, it happens to a lot of teachers)

But you don't know if there's something better out there for you.

Or how to figure out what it is.


Do you find yourself saying things like...

"I don't know what I

"I can't imagine what else I
would do besides teach."

"I'm stuck here, whether
I like it or not."

Your mind churns over questions like "Should I stay in the classroom or move on?" and/or "What should I do next?"


No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get any clarity, and the constant questioning is making it hard to be present with your work.

You feel pigeon-holed as a teacher and doubt that you have skills and experiences that are relevant to other careers.


You don't know what's possible beyond the classroom, and you feel like an imposter every time you read job descriptions on LinkedIn.

You don't feel like you can leave behind the benefits and perks that teaching offers: the generous pension, your decent salary, the summers off, etc... 

You feel guilt and shame for even considering a career change - you know the world needs good teachers.

If you're feeling trapped in the classroom and confused about what else is possible for you, you're not alone.

And you should know...
❤️ It's not because you lack the courage to try something new.
❤️ It's not because you haven't tried to make teaching work for you.

Y'all, the education system is designed to keep you forever.
So what you hear is that you don't have other options
beyond the classroom.
That you're not qualified for other careers.
That you should stay even if you're unhappy. For the kids. For the pension.
Because teaching is all you got.


You have options about how to use your skills and strengths…

You are NOT stuck in education.

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Explore career change options for teachers

Some that keep you in the classroom, some that take you beyond

Figuring out what you want for your career won't happen by:

❌   Doom-scrolling jobs down the LinkedIn rabbit hole
❌   Applying for random jobs you don't even know if you want
❌   Perfecting your resume
❌   Churning over the same career questions again and again

Figuring out what you want for your career will happen by:

✅   Reflecting on who you are and what you most want for your life.
✅   Assessing your skills and strengths.
✅   Discovering new career possibilities beyond the classroom.

✅   Gathering information about your career possibilities.

"I was a teacher without a lot of joy. I wanted to explore other career possibilities, but I felt like I could only be a teacher. After working with Laura, I felt the number of doors and possibilities for career alternatives begin to open! My career exploration brought up more joy and excitement to dream and plan for another career where I can be the best me." 

Jan, 5th Grade Teacher

Hey, I'm Laura!


I'm a career coach for teachers who want to explore a career change but don't know where to begin.

I'm a coach and educator who thrives on guiding people through a process of growth and change. I’ve been a career coach for 12 years and have extensive experience helping others find work that aligns with their strengths, personality, values, and what they want for their life.


I've also been a classroom teacher, an immigration paralegal, an urban bicycling instructor, an international educator, and a higher education professional. As a result, I have a expansive view of what fulfilling work can look and feel like. ​

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Working with me =

  • Venturing into the unknown with a warm, compassionate, knowledgeable guide.

  • Creating choices for yourself so you don't feel stuck.

  • Answering your career questions thoughtfully, productively and more quickly.

Let's talk!

I went to Laura when I was mired and lost inside a pretty toxic workplace culture that had nearly depleted my morale and self confidence. She grounded me and lead me in a provocative, inquiry based process that guided me back to my spark, my passion, my purpose and my sense of self worth!I highly recommend her coaching if you want to reconnect with why you're here on this planet at this time and manifest something greater for your career path and your life. 

Kate, Associate Director in Higher Education

I highly recommend Laura for anyone who is unsatisfied in their current job, but unsure of what next steps to take! She really helped me become aware of some of the mental barriers that were keeping me stagnant, and helped me create a "career discovery" approach that actually worked. 

Elisa, Technical Program Manager

Career coaching options  for teachers...

Crossroad signpost saying Hard Way , Easy Way, Wrong Way , Right Way and many other ways.

Teachers at a Crossroads 
12 week group course for exploring career change

Make a confident choice about the next step of your career based on your strengths, values, and what you want most for your life. 

This course is right for you if you're a classroom teacher and you:

  • Feel stuck in the classroom with no alternatives​

  • Don't know if you want to teach or do something else for work

  • Want to leave the classroom but don't know what to do instead

  • Want to transform your career, not just get a new job

  • Would like the camaraderie, insight, and support of a group of teachers, facilitated by Laura.

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1:1 Career Clarity Coaching
Regular, ongoing 1:1 sessions with Laura 

Figure out where you're headed with your career through personalized coaching.

*For teachers, educators and professionals from other career fields.

1:1 Career Clarity Coaching is right for you if you're considering a career change and you:

  • Don't know how to figure out what's next

  • Need clarity about what you want for your career before you jump into a job search

  • Want customized support, exercises, conversations, and accountability designed just for you

  • Like the intimacy, attention, and depth that ongoing 1:1 time offers

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Career Clarity Consult for Teachers 
A one-time, 60 minute consultation 

Break through the confusion and overwhelm and move forward more confidently with your career.

This consult is right for you if you're a classroom teacher and you:


  • Can't decide if you want to quit teaching or stay in the classroom

  • Need a fresh, new perspective on the thoughts spinning endlessly around in your head

  • Don't know how to get started figuring out what's next for you

  • Feel lost and want help refocusing your career exploration or job search

Not sure what you want or need?!

Or if working with me is a good fit?

Or what coaching even is?!

Or how to start getting clarity about what's right for you?

I offer a free 30 minute introductory call.


It's a good starting point.

Somewhere to begin.

You tell me where you're getting stuck,

and I'll help you start to get unstuck.


You'll walk away with a few next steps you can take right away to move forward with your career.   

And I can tell you how we might work together.


Wait...Before you go!

If you made it this far on my page, you must be ready to DO something

about your career.


Don't let these thoughts stop you... 

"I'll be fine.

Teaching's not that bad."

You don't have to settle for "fine." You deserve work you enjoy, and it IS out there.

"I can figure this out on my own."

Maybe! But I'll take the struggle out of the process. With the perspective, resources, and support I offer, you'll get quicker results than if you chip away slowly at your questions and doubts for years on your own.

"I'll tackle my career questions later when I have more time."

Please don't wait until you're miserable! Desperation does not yield positive results. There's so much you can do right now to explore your career possibilities with energy, spaciousness, intention, and ease. 

"I don't even know if I want to to leave the classroom."

You're not committing to leaving by exploring your possibilities. Maybe you'll decide to stay! But let's make sure it's a choice, not your default.

The Bottom Line:

You and your career deserve some legit attention!

Space and time to reflect on who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer this world.

It's time to prioritize YOURSELF.

Contact me and share what's going on for you with teaching!


I will love hearing from you, and I promise to respond. 

Laura is warm, funny, and a skilled listener who strikes a great balance between support and push. She had a great sense of when I needed her to share her expertise and when I needed to tap into my own expertise or the expertise of folks in my network. I left coaching with the confidence that I could create a career that worked for me, both now and in the future when my goals and priorities may shift. 



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