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Career Clarity Consult

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Do you feel stuck trying to figure out what's right for you?

Are you tired of ruminating on the same thoughts over and over?

Are you struggling to make heads or tails of your career?

Break through the confusion and overwhelm.​

Relief & Clarity

The Career Clarity Consult with Laura will give you:


Understand your personal obstacles and limiting beliefs.


Make sense of the jumble of thoughts in your mind.


Take your next steps with confidence.

Prior to the Clarity Consult, I was feeling very stuck. Laura has a great energy and in a short time was able to walk me through options I didn't even realize I had. By the end, I had a few good choices and a plan to follow through with them. I highly recommend her to any teacher who is ready to get clear on their next career move! 

Kris, BCBA & Special Education Teacher

What question(s) would you like to answer?

What career possibilities should I pursue beyond the clasroom?

Do I want to quit teaching or not?

How do I even start making a transition to another career?

Why can't I get any momentum in my career exploration or job search?

Are there ways to make teaching a better experience for me?

I'm your go-to guide, offering up my brainpower, expertise, and point of view to help you unravel your trickiest career dilemmas.

Laura gave me a lot of clarity and helped me understand concerns I had that were jumbled up in my brain. She gave me and my family clear thoughts and next steps for me to build on. 

Mark, high school English Teacher & Librarian

The Career Clarity Consult includes:

  • One 60 minute 1:1 Zoom session with Laura

  • Pre-consult prompts and information to help you prepare for and get in the right mindset for the conversation

  • ​Post-consult summary with your list of next steps and relevant resources

  • Series of accountability follow-up emails to help you follow through on your next steps

The cost for clarity, momentum, and a clear path forward is $199

Woman with lightbulb

End the struggle.

Get the relief and clarity you've been longing for.

Laura has a unique talent in translating clouded thoughts into clear aspiration and intention. She is willing to help you get to a career that you thought was unreachable or something you never knew you wanted.

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