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Career  Transition  & Transformation Coach for Teachers


There are many possibilities for where your career will take you next… if you choose to leave the classroom.

Teachers are top notch professionals

with heaps of relevant skills to offer to other careers.


You have so much to offer!

But there's a message in the air you breathe that says:

"career change isn't for teachers." ​

To this, I say B.S.

How can a career coach help me?

"I feel so stuck, and I don't know what to do about it."


"I want a change but I don't know how to make it happen."

My job is to help you go from feeling trapped in the classroom to feeling excited, confident, and clear about where you're headed with your career.

I love getting into the swirly muck of career confusion, fear, and overwhelm with you and helping you discover the gems of hope, insight, and clarity.


We do some soul-searching. 


We do some self-assessment.


We address your inner critic.


We explore career possibilities beyond the classroom.


You figure out what's next, based on your strengths, values, and what you want most for your life.


I felt stuck in education too.  

I was an advisor at a college career center.

I had a good salary, great benefits, 10 weeks off a year, and all-I-could-eat soft serve ice cream from the dining hall.

After eight years, the work itself was fine.

I felt deeply that there was something better out there for me...but doing what? 

This lack of clarity about career alternatives, plus the nice perks of the job kept me firmly in place. 

It took the covid pandemic to bring my dissatisfaction and priorities into sharp focus.

I quit my job and took a year-long "career nap" to figure out what was next. 

I took stock of my strengths, values, interests, and what I most wanted for my life.

I faced my fears about the future.

I actively explored career possibilities.

And when I started my own coaching practice, I knew it was the right choice for me.


Now I help teachers like you figure out what's next using a similar process of self-reflection and career exploration.

 I believe...

  • Teachers are some of the most talented, hard-working, multi-faceted professionals that exist (and I'm not the only one). 

  • Your skillset is deep, vast, and not the least bit niche.

  • You have many choices about what you do with your career.

  • Figuring out where you're headed with your career is an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

  • You deserve work that makes you happy.

What you might want to know about me.

  • Career coach for 10+ years.

  • Extensive experience helping others find work that aligns with their strengths, personality, values, and what they most want for their life.

  • Certified in the Myers Briggs and trained in the StrengthsFinder assessment.

  • Former Spanish & ESL teacher.

  • Raised by educators (mom: 2nd grade special ed teacher and dad: director of a college career center).

  • Married to a high school history teacher.

  • 5 successful career transitions of my own, spanning law, nonprofit, education, and career services.

Do we have anything in common?
(other than our love for teachers)?

  • My college majors were Spanish and Education.

  • I have a masters in International Education.

  • I'm a mom with two young kiddos.

  • I'm a proud introvert (who loves people).

  • I love sweet treats (pretty much all of 'em).

  • I was born and raised in Indiana and now I live in New England.

  • My first job as a teenager was detassling corn (thumbs down).

  • I played 3 team sports in high school, and now I love solo trail runs and swimming.

  • My favorite thing is a good laugh!

Now, tell me about you!

I'd love to hear more about what you're thinking and wondering...

about teaching,

about other career possibilities,

and about the next steps of your career.

Grab a free 30 minute introductory call.

You tell me where you're getting stuck, and I'll help you start to get unstuck.


You'll walk away with a few next steps you can take right away to figure out where you're headed with your career, and I'll share more about the services I offer.

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