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Privacy Policy

Welcome to! I take the protection of your personal information very seriously. I treat your personal information confidentially and in accordance with applicable data protection regulations (201 CMR 17.00: Standards for the protection of personal information of residents of the commonwealth (201 CMR 17.00)) and this privacy policy. In this privacy policy, I will inform you about the most important aspects of data processing within the framework of my website. 


This privacy policy informs you about the type, scope and purpose of the processing of personal information within my website and the web pages, functions and content connected to it (hereinafter collectively referred to as "online offer" or "website"). The privacy policy applies regardless of the domains, systems, platforms and devices (e.g., desktop or mobile) on which my website is accessed. 


The Controller

The entity responsible for processing your personal information is:


Laura Litwiller Career Coaching 

Northampton, Massachusetts, 

United States 







Processing of Personal information on the website

The personal information of users processed within the scope of this online offer includes inventory data (e.g., names and addresses of customers), contract data (e.g., services used and payment information), usage data (e.g., the websites visited on my online offer, interest in my services) and contact data.


The purpose of the processing includes the provision of the online offer, its functions and content, answering contact requests and communication with users, security measures and range measurement as well as marketing.


I process users' personal information only in compliance with 201 CMR 17.00. This means that the users' data is only processed with legal permission.


This means, in particular, if the data processing is necessary or legally required for the provision of my contractual services and online services, the user's consent is given.


In addition, the users' consent is also given on the basis of my legitimate interests (for example, interest in the analysis, optimization and economic operation and security of the online offer, in particular in measuring reach, creating profiles for advertising and marketing purposes and collecting access data and using third-party services).



I take organizational, contractual, and technical security measures that are state of the art to ensure that the applicable protection laws are complied with and thus to protect the data processed by me against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorized persons. The security measures include in particular the encrypted transmission of data between your browser and my website and server.


Transfer of data to third parties and third-party providers

Data is only passed on to third parties within the framework of legal requirements. I only pass on users' data to third parties if, for example, this is necessary for contractual purposes or on the basis of my legitimate interest in the economic and effective operation of my business.


If I use third-party providers to provide my services, I take appropriate precautions and corresponding technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal information in accordance with 201 CMR 17.00.


If content, tools or other means from third party providers are used within the scope of this privacy policy and their named registered office is located in a country outside the USA, it is to be assumed that a data transfer to countries outside the USA takes place. The transfer of data to third countries only then takes place if there is either an adequate level of data protection, the consent of the users or this is otherwise legally permissible.



As part of processing on my behalf, a third-party provider provides hosting and website display services. All data collected in the course of using this website are processed on its servers. 


I host my website at Ltd, 40 Namal Tel Aviv St, Tel Aviv 6350671, Israel. Wix is a tool for creating and hosting websites. When you visit my website, Wix is used to analyze user behavior, visitor sources, the region of the website visitors and the number of the number of visitors. Wix stores cookies on your browser, which are necessary for the presentation of the website and to ensure security (necessary cookies). For details, please refer to the privacy policy of Wix. 


The use of Wix is based on my legitimate interest, as I have a legitimate interest in the reliable presentation of my website. Insofar as a corresponding consent has been requested, the processing is carried out exclusively on the basis of your consent, insofar as the consent allows the storage of cookies or the access to information in the user's device. 


Collection of access data and log files

I or rather my webhost Wix, collect data on every access to my website on the basis of my legitimate interests, I collect data on every access to the server on which this service is located (so-called server log files). The access data includes the name of the website accessed, file, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, notification of successful access, browser type and version, the user's operating system, referrer URL (the previously visited page), IP address and the requesting provider.


Log file information is stored for security reasons (e.g., for the clarification of abuse or fraud) for a maximum of seven days and then deleted. Data whose further storage is required for evidentiary purposes is exempt from deletion until the respective incident has been finally clarified.



A "cookie" is a small text file that is placed and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device or in browsers by websites or applications that you access. Cookies transmit small amounts of data about your device to our web server. They enable websites to recognize your computer, smartphone or other device when you browse the internet. For further details on the Cookies my website uses please read my Cookie Policy.


Online Meetings 

I may use Online Meeting Tools (e.g., Zoom) to conduct online meetings and various types of data are processed when using an online platform for meetings. The scope of the data depends on the information you provide before or during participation in an online meeting. The legal basis for this is my legitimate interest in effective customer communication and, insofar as it concerns an enquiry to enter into or fulfil a contract. You can request information about the purpose of processing, origin and, if applicable, recipients of your personal information from me free of charge at any time. 


Contacting me

If you contact me via LinkedIn, Contact Form or by e-mail, the data you provide will be stored for the purpose of processing your enquiry and in case of follow-up questions. This data will of course not be passed on to third parties without express consent.


I would like to point out that data transmission on the Internet (e.g., communication by e-mail) can have security gaps. Complete protection of data against access by third parties is not possible.


Working with me and my services

When requesting my services, it is necessary, among other things, to provide your name, e-mail address and, if applicable, your payment data, and other career-related details. I process and store the personal information provided when you place an order solely for the purpose of providing you with the ordered service. 


Comment function on my blog 

For comments in my blog, I collect in addition to your comment, details of when the comment was created. You have choices about the information on your comment. You don’t have to provide additional information on your comment; however, comment information helps you to get more from my services. It’s your choice whether to include sensitive information in your comment and to make that sensitive information public. Please do not post or add personal information in your comment that you would not want to be available.


The comments and the associated data (e.g., IP address) are stored and remain on my website until the commented content has been completely deleted or the comments have to be deleted for legal reasons (e.g., offensive comments).


The storage of comments is based on your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time. For this purpose, an informal communication by e-mail to me is sufficient. The legality of the data processing operations already carried out remains unaffected by the revocation.


Deletion of data

The data stored by me will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required for its intended purpose and there are no legal obligations to retain the data. If the user's data is not deleted because it is required for other and legally permissible purposes, its processing will be restricted. This means that the data is blocked and not processed for other purposes. This applies, for example, to user data that must be retained for reasons of commercial or tax law.


Your rights

You have the following rights:


  • Right to Know and Access. You may submit a verifiable request for information regarding the: (1) categories of Personal Information I collect, use, or share; (2) purposes for which categories of Personal Information are collected or used by me; (3) categories of sources from which I collect Personal Information; and (4) specific pieces of Personal Information I have collected about you.


  • Right to Equal Service. I will not discriminate against you if you exercise your privacy rights.


  • Right to Delete. You may submit a verifiable request to delete Personal Information about you that I have collected.


  • Request that a business that sells a consumer's personal information, not sell the consumer's personal information.


If you make a request, I have one month to respond to you. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact me. 


Use of social media plug ins

My website uses the so-called social media plug in from YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If you click on the YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook logo while you are logged in to your YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook account, the information that you have visited my site can be assigned to your user account with the respective service. If you have a YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook account and do not want YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook to collect data about you via my website, you must log out of your YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook account before visiting my website. I would like to point out that I, as the operator of this website, do not have any knowledge of the content of the transmitted data or its use by the individual services. For more information on which data is collected by YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook when the social plug in is clicked and how this data is used, please refer to these social media platforms' privacy policies.



On my website, I have integrated components from YouTube (Google, Inc.,1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) . The integration requires that YouTube can perceive the IP address of the user. The IP address is required in order to send the content to the user's browser. If you click on a YouTube component (video) on my website, your internet browser will be prompted by the component to download a corresponding representation of the component. In this way, YouTube knows which specific sub-pages you have visited. If you are logged in to YouTube at the same time, YouTube can track which sub-page containing a video you have visited. If you do not want information to be transmitted to YouTube, log out of YouTube before you visit my website.



My newsletters are sent via the dispatch service provider MailChimp. The data processing is carried out by MailChimp. The e-mail addresses of my newsletter recipients, as well as their other data described in these notes, are stored on MailChimp's servers. MailChimp uses this information to send and evaluate the newsletter on my behalf. MailChimp does not use the data of my newsletter recipients and does not pass them on to third parties. The newsletters contain a so-called "tracking pixel", i.e. a pixel-sized file that is retrieved from the MailChimp server when the newsletter is opened. In the course of this retrieval, information such as information about your system, your IP address and the time of the retrieval are collected. 


Your personal information will be stored until you unsubscribe from the newsletter and, after unsubscribing from the newsletter distribution list, may be stored in a blacklist to prevent future mailings. The data from the blacklist will only be used for this purpose and will not be merged with other data. The data will be permanently deleted if you submit a deletion request to me. 


Users of my website have the opportunity to take part in my Career Planning Type Quiz. The information is stored by the provider of the evaluation tool Interact, The Quiz Collective, Inc. The test can be carried out anonymously and without registration. In this case, the result is not stored and neither Interact or Quizworks can assign the data to a user. In addition, Quizworks offers registration. The Quiz Collective, Inc. is solely responsible for data processing within the scope of registration. We have no access to this data. Further information can be found in the privacy policy of The Quiz Collective, Inc. at


SSL or TLS encryption

For security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content and enquiries that you send to me, this website uses SSL or TLS encryption. You can recognise an encrypted connection by the fact that the address line of the browser changes from "http://" to "https://" and by the lock symbol in your browser line.


Automated decision-making

I do not use automated decision-making or profiling.


Do Not Sell My Personal Information 

I do not sell information that directly identifies you, like your name, address or phone records. 



It is important that the data I hold about you is accurate and current, therefore please keep me informed of any changes to your personal information.


External Links

My website contains links to the online offers of other providers. I hereby point out that I have no influence on the content of the linked online offers and the compliance with data protection regulations by their providers.


Changes to the privacy policy

I reserve the right to change my privacy policy in order to adapt it to changed legal situations or in the event of changes to the service and data processing. However, this only applies to declarations regarding data processing. If the consent of the users is required or parts of the privacy policy contain regulations of the contractual relationship with the users, the changes will only be made with the consent of the users.

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