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Authentic Networking

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Is this you?

"Talking to other people makes me nervous."

"I'm worried I'll   sound stupid."

"I hate small talk!"

"'Using' other people for  my career feels wrong."

"I don't want to be a burden."

"I don't know anybody who I could talk to."

I can help with all these concerns and more!

Despite what most people think, figuring out what to do with your career is not an individual journey. You can spend countless hours browsing job search platforms, perfecting your resume, or thinking yourself into circles about careers that are right for you. These reflections and strategies are only a part of the process.


No matter how hard you try, you won’t get much traction on your career goals if you go it alone. You are too limited by your own information, experiences and mindsets, and there is too much you don’t know about your potential paths forward. Looping other people into your process is critical to finding career clarity, securing the job of your dreams, or exploring your career options.


Networking gets a bad rap. It's really just the act of connecting with other people about your career. It gives you new ideas and information, fresh perspective and advice, and important connections and resources. 

Networking doesn't have to feel icky! There are ways to connect with others about your career that are meaningful, enjoyable, and mutually beneficial.


Networking looks different for everyone, and I help my clients find a way to network that works for them.

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