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Hi, I'm Laura

A career coach dedicated to helping teachers and educators find their own version of career happiness.


You are a classroom teacher, a school administrator, a higher education professional, a professor, an outdoor educator, or anyone who educates other people as part of your work.

You work your buns off to serve your students. Yet you aren’t sure it’s something you can or want to do long-term.


You're considering leaving the field of education (or maybe you've already left), but you don't know what's next in your career or how to make it happen.

“I don't know if I want to leave my job, but I DO want to explore my options so I know what else is out there.” 

“I've got a decent salary and long-term financial stability, but my job makes me miserable.”

“I've never been anything but a teacher, and I don't know if  I'm qualified to do anything else.”

“I’ve been so dedicated to my students, but at the cost of my well-being.  I'm ready   to find work that makes ME happy.”

“When I start looking at other jobs, I feel lost and unfocused because I don’t really know what I want.”

If education doesn't feel like an enjoyable, sustainable career right now,

I'm here to help you consider your options. 


  • Get excited about your career again!

  • Clarify whether you want a career change 

  • Discover and explore new career paths

  • Get clarity about what other types of work are a good fit for you

  • Get "unstuck" from your current job or career situation and move on to something better

  • Make connections between your skills and strengths and alternative career fields

  • Reach your career goals more quickly


Check out my services or schedule a free, no pressure 30 minute introductory to share your career questions and explore working together.



I am an educator at heart. I’ve been a classroom teacher, an urban bicycling instructor, an international educator, and a higher education professional. I love creating learning experiences that help people grow and develop, and this is why I became a coach.

I too have felt stuck in my career. Between every chapter of my career journey, I've dealt with feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and frustration. I’ve discovered and created some strategies that have helped me find my way out of the muck to more clarity and confidence. I've shared these valuable tools with my clients and seen them reap the rewards.  


I believe it's possible for you to find work that brings you joy, gives you a sense of purpose, and contributes to the kind of life you want to live. But I'll be honest, it’s not always easy. If you’re human (which you are), you’ll face resistance and barriers along the way. That’s why I’m here to help you navigate through it all…as an educator, a coach, and a fellow human being.




"Leaving the classroom was a huge step for me, and even though I knew it was the right choice, I was daunted by finding a job outside of a school and skeptical that I would. Laura helped me to figure out what was important to me in my work and why I was drawn to certain jobs and tasks. I left coaching able to articulate this clearly...and I felt confident that it was based in truths about my personality, strengths, interests, and values. I also more clearly saw what I had to offer and how my teaching experience could translate to other roles or industries."

Jo A-O_edited.jpg


"I harbored a lot of doubts about the extent to which my secondary-school-focused skill set was actually transferable to a novel context. I emerged from my work with Laura not only clear in my desire to transition to working in higher education, but also confident in both the applicability of my experience and my ability to communicate this in my application materials. It’s clear that Laura really understands the work of teachers and is passionate about helping educators find a meaningful next place to land professionally."

Theresa headshot_edited_edited.jpg


"As a mama of three young kiddos, I have been fairly disconnected from my professional self for the last 8 years so diving back in was a bit of emotional journey for me! Laura guided me through a process that renewed confidence in my strengths, made connections between my past work and volunteer experiences, and left me excited about my future possibilities. I now have a more focused idea of what I'd like to do and a plan on how to get there that's realistic and motivating. Laura is a joy to work with and just a wonderful human being to have cheering you on!”

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