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Blog for Teachers Feeling Stuck or Trapped in Education

Your go-to resource for an alternative approach
to career change

I hope that reading my blog is like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise overwhelming, exhausting, and discouraging process of figuring out what's next in your career. 

My point of view on career change for teachers might be a little different from what you're used to... 

In this blog, I don't write much about topics like how to perfect your LinkedIn profile, find jobs you "qualify for," or create an exceptional transition resume.

These career transition steps (although important later on) often become a distraction from figuring out your own unique path forward. 

As a career coach and career educator, my goal for this blog is to help you:​

  • Reframe the way you think about your career.

  • Reimagine your career possibilities

  • Get excited about your skills and strengths

  • Lean into the personal growth that comes from contemplating change

  • Make tough career decisions based on what's best for you

  • Figure out what's right for you at this phase of you life

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