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What I Do

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As your coach, I am:

  • A new perspective on your career conundrums

  • An expert in frameworks and tools that help you think about your career and in a more thoughtful, effective way

  • Support and encouragement in what can be an otherwise lonely process

  • A sounding board with a neutral party

  • A curator of exercises and questions tailored to your unique circumstances

  • A provider of structure and organization to your process

  • A co-strategist in your job search

  • An accountability partner 

I help you make your career goals happen

Working with a career coach doesn't mean you've given up on your ability to reach your career goals, quite the opposite. It means that you are convinced that finding and securing fulfilling work is worth the effort, and you're willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Yes! This is awesome. You just need a little help to get you where you want to go. That's where I come in.


"Asking for help isn't giving up. It's refusing to give up."

-Charlie Mackesy

I take the struggle out of your process

Figuring out your next career steps doesn't have to be painful! My goal as your coach is to take a process that feels overwhelming and confusing and turn it into a process that feels simpler, more productive, and enjoyable. Doesn't that sound nice?!

I don't expect you to know how to figure out your career or create an outstanding resume. Where would you have learned to do this? It's not a subject in school or a pre-requisite for becoming a professional. It's something I've learned through eight years of experience helping others and through trial and error in my own career journey. The result is a wealth of knowledge, resources, and frameworks that I draw from in order to curate a set of reflections, questions, exercises, and feedback just for you. The structure and expertise I provide means that you can dedicate the limited time and brainpower you have available to strategic steps that are tried and true.


I help you prioritize your career planning

Working on your career often takes a back seat to other more pressing problems and tasks. What will my family eat for dinner tonight? When do I need to pick up my kids or the dry-cleaning? Where are my keys? My apartment is filthy. I haven't called my mom in ages! These things that occupy our mental space do require attention, but they can also hijack a moment we might otherwise dedicate to work on our career.

Simply by working with me, you are making your career a priority. You are committing to carving out time and space for thoughtful reflection and action, and I am committing to hold you accountable for the work you want to do.

“Having Laura assign me tasks to actively process my career options and considerations was helpful to keep my momentum going. Having her to talk to about all the things happening in my head helped me clarify some of my thoughts and feelings. She also served as a sort of accountability buddy because each of our meetings served as a deadline for me to follow through with my assignments and commitments.” 

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