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Customized Coaching Plans

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You're unique! And so are your career challenges and goals. My superpower is understanding what you need and want and turning it into a hyper-customized coaching plan of relevant, meaningful, and effective exercises and conversations, just for you.

Whether you want more clarity about your next career steps, need help getting "unstuck" from your current work situation, or need a more strategic approach to your job search, let's talk and figure out how to get you started! 

At a Glance:

  • 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom or phone

  • $450 for two sessions a month until you feel complete or pre-set packages with the cost based on the number of sessions.

  • In addition to 2 sessions per month, $450 includes: 

    • Thoughtful attention to your unique needs and relevant resources to help you reach your goals

    • Personalized assignments between each session that will help you make progress more quickly and thoughtfully

    • Communication via email or Google docs about your assignments between sessions

    • Any formal assessments we use (e.g. StrengthsFinder)

    • A resume review with written feedback if this is an important part of reaching your goals

This is for you if you feel any of the following:

  • You feel lost or stuck in your career 

  • You want to find more fulfilling work

  • You want more clarity about your next career steps and haven't been able to figure it out on your own

  • Your job search has been confusing, upsetting, unfocused, or unproductive

  • Your "career planning" is a consistent swirl of confusing thoughts lacking definition and coherence

  • You are lacking motivation to make a career change in part because you don't know how to begin

  • You are looking for a new, more effective way to engage in the job search or career exploration process

Possible Outcomes:

  • More clarity about what you want to do next in your career 

  • Getting "unstuck" from your current job/career situation and moving on to something better

  • A deeper understanding of your motivations, challenges, influences, strengths, and values as they relate to your career and career planning process

  • The confidence to identify and pursue work that aligns with who you are and what you want

  • New insights and fresh perspective on the career questions you’ve been pondering for ages

  • A renewed sense of curiosity and excitement about career possibilities

  • Strategies you can use time and again to regain momentum or make decisions throughout your career

  • Effective, concrete next steps in your career exploration or job search

  • See more specific outcomes in the sample packages below

Sample Packages


Exploring and narrowing your career options



For clients who know they’re not satisfied with their current work or career trajectory but don’t know what they want to do instead. You have either considered a range of other options or you have no idea what else to try. You are eager for more clarity and want a new sense of direction in your career.


Goal: Identify possible new career directions, explore and experiment with them, and analyze them for coherence with who you are, what you believe, and what you have to offer.

Possible Outcomes

  • A new level of self-awareness as it relates to your career, including your values, influences, preferences, strengths, etc...

  • Your personalized career “north star” - a set of reminders of what’s important to you and what you need or want to be happy and fulfilled in your work 

  • A narrowed down list of career options and concrete experiments to help you explore them more fully

  • Draft five year plans for the 1-2 careers that you have decided to prioritize

Sample Plans


Focusing and aligning your job search with what you really want



For clients who are actively applying for jobs but find the process confusing, unfocused, unsatisfying, and lonely. You find yourself mindlessly applying for anything and everything that is even remotely related to your interests. You realize that this scatter shot approach isn’t working for you, but you’re not sure how to do it differently.


Goal: Clarify what you really want in your next job and better align your job search with your ideal scenario, not just what you see posted online.

Possible Outcomes

  • A more thoughtful, less reactive approach to your job search

  • Tools and frameworks to help focus your job search on opportunities that are a good fit for who you are and what you want

  • A description of your ideal job to return to as a constant reminder

  • Networking strategies and new or stronger contacts and connections in your field(s) of interest

  • An updated, refreshed resume tailored to your target job and/or field

“Engaging in this work together with Laura produced two different types of outcomes for me — one very tangible one is that I now have a list of several projects that excite and motivate me. Another outcome is less tangible, but equally valuable to me. I feel like I have a clearer picture of my entire career trajectory. Past work experiences don't seem like disparate points on a map anymore. I'm able to draw connections from my past experiences that will help lead me forward to new opportunities. I gained confidence throughout the process and perhaps the biggest gain for me is that I'm now excited about what's next!” 

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