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How I Do It

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My Approach



I once had a client characterize our work as “collaborative introspection translated into action.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. 


My approach prioritizes a deep dive into “who you are” in the context of work because very few people have sufficiently and honestly reflected on their career influences, motivations, interests, strengths, values, and hopes. The result is a new level of self-awareness and a better understanding of the complex narrative swirling around in your head about your career. Knowing yourself on this level plays a direct role in finding a job or career that is well-suited to who you are.

My approach also recognizes that reflection and introspection alone do not typically provide significant clarity. Most of us can’t think our way into a fulfilling career no matter how hard we spin our wheels, simply because we do not have the extent of information we need without the input and feedback we get from experiences and other people. These external sources of input, not just thinking harder, are what really give us traction to move forward. To that end, I give you tools to integrate other people and active experimentation into your career discernment process.


One example of introspection + action is what I call "curiosity calls," conversations you initiate with people doing work that interests you. The goal is to listen to their experiences, ask questions, and look for coherence (or lack thereof) between their work and what we've reflected on as your strengths, values, goals, and interests.

My Coaching Style




A former client described my coaching style as "supportive, probing, and constantly friendly." I care about my clients, and I’m invested in your growth. You can count on me as a committed partner in your process, and I want our work together to be enjoyable so I try to establish a warm, friendly connection. That said, I also want you to feel challenged -- to think through questions that might make you uncomfortable, to honestly reflect on your motivations and values, and to loop other people into your process even if it feels hard. I create a tailored process for each person by recognizing your natural tendencies and encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone.

The Coaching Process



Before we commit to working together, I offer a complimentary 30 minute introductory call where we get to know each other. You share your concerns, questions, and goals, and I share more about what our work together might look like. If we decide to move forward with the coaching process, I work with you to establish a personalized plan so you know where we’re headed and what the process entails. The heart of our work together is our regular conversations, but after each session, I think about new questions, exercises, or steps forward that make sense for where you’re landing in your process. Then your job is to dive into the work independently, and we connect about it as you go and/or in the next conversation. We can customize the topics of each conversation, the pace and frequency of the work, and the types of exercises as we move along.

I meet with clients via Zoom or phone. If you're local to Western Massachusetts, we can opt to meet in person in public spaces. I do not currently have an office.

“I enjoyed the collaboration with Laura -- taking time independently to do my 'homework' and then reflecting and reviewing that work with Laura. I would be excited about some new idea or learning, and then she would make a connection that would even further the idea along. She was able to 'hold' all the different pieces associated with this process and guide me along at the speed I needed.” 

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