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Hey, Thinker

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You are a master of deep reflection and lean on your own internal resources for insight and guidance.

  • You like time to reflect and process what you’re thinking and feeling during the career planning process.

  • You get excited by your “ah-ha” moments - the revelations that you achieve through reflection. You love connecting the dots between your different trains of thought.

  • The bulk of your career exploration is done solo, without input from others.

  • You are baffled when other people make an abrupt career change because you prefer to take time to deliberate and consider all the angles before making a career decision.


Your Strengths

  • You are thoughtful and introspective and find ways to gain valuable insight about your career on your own.

  • Your commitment to a thorough analysis of your career experiences and ideas combined with strong self-awareness can help you can help you identify whether certain careers are a good fit for who you are.


Your Challenges

  • You tend to keep your career ideas and questions to yourself which means you're working with a very limited perspective.

  • At times, you get stuck overthinking your next career steps and experience "analysis paralysis," the inability to make any career move at all.

Your Approach to Reaching Career Clarity

More action + Ongoing reflection:

  • The insights you gain about your career based on your own reflection are invaluable. But no matter how hard, long, or deeply you think about what's right for you, you won’t get much clarity if you only stay in your head. To expand your perspective and gather new, helpful information, you need to seek more external input by testing out and sharing your career ideas with others.

  • This approach encourages you to lean into your strengths of deep introspection and strong self-awareness, and to step outside your comfort zone by taking more concrete action.


Hi, I’m Laura!


I'm a career coach helping professionals in their 30s and 40s answer the question "What career is right for me?"

As your coach, I'll customize a process for you that is supportive, productive, and enjoyable. With my help, you can reach career clarity more quickly, confidently, and effectively.

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