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Hey, Talker

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You are a natural networker and gather career inspiration, information, and guidance through conversations with other people.

  • If you have a career question, concern, or thought, your first instinct is to talk to someone else about it.

  • You love a good brainstorm or "thinking outloud" with other people about your career.

  • You are baffled when other people say they “hate networking” because you enjoy it!

Your Strengths

  • You see the value of what other people have to offer, and your openness to others’ input, feedback, and advice gives you so much opportunity to learn, grow, adapt, and improve as you look for work or a new career direction.

  • You have a natural connection and flow with others which you use to easily gather information, perspective, and advice for your career planning.

  • You brainstorm like a boss, and the ideas that you generate through the back and forth conversation with others open up new ideas and possibilities for you.

Your Challenges

  • You don't spend a lot of time reflecting on your career questions alone. These quiet, reflective moments by yourself can give you a lot of important insight.

  • Because you so enjoy talking about your career with others, you might end up in conversations with people who don't care about your career or can't help. Being selective about who you speak with preserves your time and energy and allows you to nurture important relationships over time. In other words, it's better to have fewer, more strategic and authentic relationships than a tall stack of business cards.

Your Approach to Reaching Career Clarity

Strategic networking + Honest reflection:

  • Your conversations with other people give you so much incredible information and inspiration to work with as you explore your career options. The trick for you is remembering to pause between conversations to reflect on what you’re learning and to make sure you're approaching your conversations intentionally.

  • This approach encourages you to lean into your strengths as an excellent communicator and brainstormer, and to step a bit outside your comfort zone to do more individual self-reflection.


Hi, I’m Laura!


I'm a career coach helping professionals in their 30s and 40s answer the question "What career is right for me?"

As your coach, I'll customize a process for you that is supportive, productive, and enjoyable. With my help, you can reach career clarity more quickly, confidently, and effectively.

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