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Hey, Do-er

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You're a go-getter who thrives on new experiences, and you aren't afraid to get out there and test out your career ideas.

  • You learn what types of work are a good fit for you by trying out some pieces of the work you're considering.

  • If you have a career question, concern, or thought, your first instinct is to do something that will give you the answer.

  • You expect that you will figure out your career by trial and error.

  • You often encourage others to “just try it” when they’re considering a new career direction.


Your Strengths

  • Your "just try it" mindset helps you quickly arrive at conclusions about whether a career or job is a good fit for you. It also tends to open new doors in your career.

  • You're great at seeing or creating opportunities to experiment with your career ideas (volunteering, working on a new project, testing out a new role, taking a relevant class, etc...)

  • You don’t have a strong fear of failure. You believe that both positive and negative experiences give you helpful information.


Your Challenges

  • With so much do, do, do, you might miss the wealth of information (thoughts, feelings, ideas) available just under the surface of your actions. Noticing how your career experiences do or don't align with your strengths, personality, values, interests, and desires is critical to finding fulfilling work.

  • Experimenting with too many career ideas at once or in quick succession can hurt you. You may feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities and demands on your time and you might start phoning in some of your responsibilities. This isn't good for you or the people depending on you.

Your Approach to Reaching Career Clarity

More pause + Strategic experimentation:

  • Trying out a career idea is hands-down the best way to really know if it's a good fit for you, and this comes naturally to you. Hooray! However, it can also get you into trouble if you're trying to do too much too quickly, or you're not taking time to reflect on your experiences. To save yourself from feeling spread too thin or jumping into new opportunities too quickly, it's important to make space for genuine reflection and to be realistic about what you can do with the time you have.

  • This approach encourages you to lean into your strength of seeing and embracing opportunity for action, and to step outside your comfort zone by slowing down to create space for reflection and more strategic decision-making.


Hi, I’m Laura!


I'm a career coach helping professionals in their 30s and 40s answer the question "What career is right for me?"

As your coach, I'll customize a process for you that is supportive, productive, and enjoyable. With my help, you can reach career clarity more quickly, confidently, and effectively.

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