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Career Coaching Power Hour

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You find yourself spinning your wheels about a persistent career question or problem and would benefit from a new approach or fresh perspective to help you find a solution. Or, your job search or career exploration process has stalled out, and you need help determining a few concrete next steps to get things moving again. In other words, you feel a little stuck and would love the boost that an hour with a career coach's brain can give you!

At a Glance:

  • One 60 or 90 minute phone or Zoom session

  • Customized post-session report (tailored to your unique circumstances) that includes a list of concrete next steps for your career planning process 

  • $260-$350

This is for you if:

  • You'd like a fresh perspective on a specific challenge or question about your career 

  • You want a quick, one-time strategy session

  • You need a little dose of motivation and direction to keep working toward your career goals

  • You just need help figuring out how to get started, and you feel like you can take it from there


  • A special report created just for you with concrete next steps to take in your job search or career exploration

  • A new angle on an old question or pervasive problem 

  • A few concrete next steps tailored to your situation

  • New-found motivation and direction forward

  • A better sense of what coaching looks and feels like, with the potential to continue​​​​

       a coaching partnership with me

"I faced difficult questions about my identity and future but Laura's questions allowed me to explore new angles and made me less anxious overall.” 

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